Diabetes Foot & Limb Care


Diabetes can cause many problems in your feet, such as neuropathy, skin changes, calluses, ulcers, and poor circulation. Without proper care, these issues can cause even bigger problems that could lead to amputation.

It is a good idea to have a foot exam at least once a year—or more if you have existing foot problems—to keep ahead of any budding issues that may arise. Be sure to tell your foot doctor of any cuts or bruises, or if your skin changes color, shape, or texture.

Foot Care Tips:

  • Taking Care of Your Diabetes
  • Be Active
  • Wear Shoes and Socks
  • Check Your Feet Daily
  • Use Proper Skin Care on Your Feet
  • Keep Nails Trimmed
  • Keep Blood Flowing to Your Feet
  • Protect Your Feet from Hot or Cold

Please call Collier Podiatry P.A. for an examination to help in preventing or manage foot issues.


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