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Diabetes is a difficult condition to deal with, but one of the most painful parts of this condition is the development of diabetic wounds. At Collier Podiatry, P.A., we make it our priority to provide diabetic wound services to all of Naples, FL.

Collier Podiatry, P.A., is the practice of Dr. Petrocelli, a board-certified podiatrist who has been practicing since 1994. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Petrocelli provides next-level care for diabetic patients with wounds and ulcers.

Diabetic Wound Services

If you have ulcers and lacerations that never fully heal, you might have a chronic wound. These are most often caused by diabetes mellitus, which causes blood vessels in the feet and hands to grow smaller. The restriction of blood flow damages nerve areas and reduces sensation.

Chronic wounds can also be caused by venous stasis, a condition of the veins in the lower legs, which also deprives your feet of adequate blood flow. With both conditions, when you bump or cut your foot or when you develop an ulcer, the lack of blood flow makes it difficult for the wound to heal.

At Collier Podiatry, P.A., we can clean, dress, and care for your diabetic wounds. Some might think it’s enough to regularly disinfect the area, but we also work with vascular surgeons to find ways to restore blood flow to the affected area so that the wound can finally heal.

We will also take a careful culture of your chronic wound, which will help us come up with the best strategy for diabetic wound care and prescribe the correct medications. We do all of this with the goal of ridding you of your painful chronic wounds once and for all.

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Don’t let your diabetic wounds go untreated, and don’t suffer in silence. Dr. Petrocelli at Collier Podiatry, P.A., can relieve your pain and restore your quality of life. Call us at (239) 775-0019 to inquire more about our diabetic wound services, or visit our office in Naples, FL. We look forward to treating you.


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