Toenail Fungus Treatment In Naples, FL


Onychomycosis is an infection in your finger and toenails caused by fungus. There are different types of fungus that cause onychomycosis, but the symptoms of thickened nails and nails turning yellow or other discolorations are common for all types.

While both the finger and toe nails are effected by fungus, your toenails are more of a concern because of warm, moist, shoes; going barefoot in communal showers and locker rooms; and other warm and humid areas.

You need to know the type of fungus that is attacking your nails before effectively treating it, and that means visiting a doctor. Collier Podiatry P.A. can perform many tests that can determine the type and best methods for ridding your nails of onychomycosis. Make an appointment today!

You have some options how to treat fungal nails example, one could be a prescription medication 3 months with follow up treatment, Fungal Laser with application ointment which tends to get great results.

The advantages of using laser therapy is that the light destroys pathogenic microorganisms and stimulates the repair process.


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